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Welcome to BOY-INTERRUPTED.NET – my (Jordan’s) blog and personal site. The purpose of this site is to serve as an index for all the sites that I run, as well as a place where you can find out a bit more about me. Feel free to check out my blog to see whatever I might be ranting, raving, or rambling on about. MOD updates to the other sites that I run can be found in the blog below as well. Thank you for visiting and make sure to bookmark the site and keep checking back – new updates and content added weekly (^_^)
Of The Now
DATE: April 18, 2021
TIME: 4:32pm CT
WEATHER: 49℉ and Cloudy
FEELING: Emotional
DRINKING: Dr. Pepper
LOCATION: The Parentals (Whitefish Bay, WI)
ACTIVITY: Playing – Jurassic World Evolution