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2021: New Year, New Me

Written by Jordan on January 02 2021

Happy New Year internet friends! Seriously though, I’m throwing my middle fingers up and saying, “FUCK YOU” to the year 2020. Goodbye and good riddance. And here’s hopefully to a better 365 in 2021!


Written by Jordan on August 22 2020

FINALLY! My first ACTUAL blog post. I am really hoping to finish the rest of the graphics for the site’s theme, as well as get the remaining content up and online. Because I absolutely cannot spend anymore time delaying working on it. Aside from this, I am working on a few other projects as well that I need to get back on track with. Not to mention I have 2 or 3 other sites in mind to do, but I don’t think I will attempt anything nearly as involved as my current projects.

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