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Welcome to BOY-INTERRUPTED.NET – my (Jordan’s) personal website and blog. The purpose of this site is to serve as an index for all the sites that I run, as well as a place for me to host my personal blog, where you can also find out a bit more about me. Updates to this site as well as mod updates to the other sites that I run can be found in the blog below (^_^)
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DATE: March 24, 2023
TIME: 12:11am CT
WEATHER: 33℉ and Clear
DRINKING: Amaretto Sour
LOCATION: This Is It! (Milwaukee, WI)
PLAYING: Jurassic World Evolution 2




  • All payments must be made through USD via PayPal. Send as ‘friends and family’, or as a ‘gift’ to reduce any possible fees.
  • Payments and designs are non-refundable. After ordering, the design cannot be altered in any way. If you are unhappy with the completed design, let me know when I send you the example and I will modify it.
  • Full payment is to be made once I confirm your order (just to avoid orders from time wasters).
  • Please give me at least a day or two to get back to you. I will respond to all orders received as soon as possible, as I do check my inbox daily.
  • For headers or packages that include graphics, please send me high-quality photos as much as possible. I can do with medium-quality ones, but they have to be clear. No blurry ones. Tagged pictures will not be accepted.
  • Once you have been contacted saying your order is accepted, the first preview will be completed and sent to you in roughly 7 days depending on your package and how busy and inspired I am. If you ordered a package that includes coding, I will begin coding upon your approval.
  • Fill out the order form completely and please be as detailed as possible to ensure your design is made the way you want it from the start. This includes which optional features you’d like to be included, social media buttons you’d need, etc.
  • I aim to get an order completed within 2 weeks. If for any reason I feel it may take longer, I will contact you.
  • If you ordered a package that includes coding, I will send the second and final preview when I am done with the coding. If you’re satisfied with it, I will send you a .ZIP with the files.
  • Lastly, you may not resell any of my designs or claim them as your own. Do not take credit for my designs. For packages that include coding, the footer credit must remain in tact. If your order is a header or graphic only package, please give me credit somewhere on your site (ex. sidebar or footer).