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JORDAN. Est. 1989. Pisces. ♓︎ Kinda Psychic. Bad Boys Do It Better. Midwest Represent. Straight Outta The Closet. Brokenhearted. High-Functioning Sociopath. Horror Movies. Fuck Heroin, Get A Tattoo. GAYmer. I’m A Fucking Headbanger. Peace, Love, Unity, Respect. Filmmaker. Screenwriter. Web & Graphic Designer.
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Welcome to BOY-INTERRUPTED.NET – my (Jordan’s) personal website and blog. The purpose of this site is to serve as an index for all the sites that I run, as well as a place for me to host my personal blog, where you can also find out a bit more about me. Updates to this site as well as mod updates to the other sites that I run can be found in the blog below (^_^)
of the now

DATE: June 2, 2023
TIME: 1:34am CT
WEATHER: 60℉ and Partly Cloudy
DRINKING: Dr. Pepper
LOCATION: Homosexual (Milwaukee, WI)
PLAYING: Jurassic World Evolution 2
ACTIVITY: Watching – Scream VI




  • color….. blue
  • movie genre….. horror
  • music….. edm
  • holiday….. halloween
  • food….. gummy bears/worms
  • number….. thirteen
  • movie…… cruel intentions
  • movie (horror)….. carrie
  • celebrity….. sarah michelle gellar, mariska hargitay
  • drink….. coca-cola
  • place….. music festivals
  • animal….. cat person
  • time of day….. night owl
  • tv show….. buffy the vampire slayer, law & order: svu
  • song….. “I Miss You” by blink-182


  • hugs or kisses:….. both, duh!
  • pepsi or coke….. coke
  • mcdonalds or burger king….. mcDonalds
  • chocolate or vanilla….. chocolate (candy) vanilla (ice cream)
  • lover or fighter….. fighter by day, lover by night
  • friends or family….. family (my friends are my family)
  • love or money….. love
  • listen to someone talk or talking….. listen to someone talk
  • personality or looks personality
  • magazines or comics….. comics


  • are you in love….. i was
  • have you ever been in love….. yes
  • do you believe in love at first sight….. i used to, but i don’t anymore
  • longest relationship….. 3 1/2 years
  • kiss on first date….. depends on the guy
  • ever cheated on someone(be honest)….. no


  • do you do drugs….. psychedelics during festival season (recovering drug addict)
  • do you drink….. very seldom (recovering alcoholic)
  • do you have any regrets….. too many
  • want to get married….. yes
  • want kids….. absolutely
  • can you handle the truth….. yes
  • biggest fear….. dying alone
  • first thought waking up….. i need a cigarette
  • most missed memory….. one, two, three
  • do you swear….. hell muthafuckin’ yeah
  • do you party….. yes
  • do you believe in god….. i prefer the term higher power
  • do you believe in aliens….. beam me up jesus
  • do you believe in the ghosts….. yes
  • do you believe in the supernatural….. yes
  • do you believe in magic….. nothing is impossible